A Puerto Rican Handshake

It’s common while traveling to be told about dishes that must be tasted and restaurants that must be tried. In Puerto Rico, what everyone insisted we taste was a local rum ‘from the little cask’ that’s been produced continuously on the island for four generations.

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Here comes the sun

A winter fruit salsa and citrus confit to brighten these last bleak days of hibernation, and the story of how the sun is shining new inspiration into our new kitchen.

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Behold the Brassicas. Perhaps the most beautiful and noble family in the whole vegetable kingdom. They seem perfect symbols of life in the dead of winter, like the trees and boughs we bring into our homes at this time of year.

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Quince Paste

It’s hard to decide what’s more mysteriously delicious – the smell of a quince, or its flavour. If you make your own quince paste at home, you can enjoy the pleasure of both.

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