About Mortar & Pestle

About Us

The mortar and pestle was perhaps the first kitchen tool, and if you’ve ever used one, you know the pleasure of grinding deep flavour out of simple ingredients with your bare hands. It’s a crucible of discovery – what comes out is always so much more than what you first put in. That sense of adventure is what inspires everything we do: our cooking, our travels, our work, and this blog.

Mortar & Pestle is our second food blog – we previously documented our kitchen adventures as The Dog’s Breakfast. We took a break from blogging to start a new business – we own a small business in Montréal that specializes in content development, and much of our work is for the food industry. Rob’s a photographer and art director, David’s a writer, and together we work on content development, recipes and food styling for this blog and for our clients.

This journal is really just a way to document and share what excites us. We’re inspired by novelty, by radical simplicity, by creative constraints, by playfulness and delicious risk-taking.

As a journal of food adventure, Mortar & Pestle is of course inspired by exciting taste experiences, but also by the flavour that comes from the story behind a dish or ingredient; the nourishment that comes from becoming acquainted with the people, places, and traditions that make great food taste so alive.


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